Frequently Asked Questions


Is Padbury Florist a real flower store or an overseas relay service?

Padbury Florist are not an overseas relay service. We are an online florist in Perth and our store is a real shop located in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. Our team of florists are available to deliver your flowers to all Perth suburbs, north of the river.

Do you accept all credit cards?

At Padbury Florist, we accept VISA and Mastercard with no extra surcharge costs.

Can I order flowers to other locations and suburbs outside of Perth?

Our florist is a member of a number of diverse relay services, so if your order is for a suburb outside of our delivery service range, we can accept your order and forward it on to a convenient flower shop, in a closer proximity to your delivery location.

What is your cut off time for same day flower delivery in Perth?

At Padbury Florist, we will generally deliver all flower orders that are received before 12.00PM on the same day. Please contact us if this is an issue for your order and our team will do our very best to accommodate to your needs.

How do I care for cut flowers?

If you’ve purchased or received flowers online from our Perth store, there are many helpful tips and suggestions that we recommend you follow to ensure the longevity in your bunch of flowers. These tips include;

  • Ensure that you use a clean vase for your new bunch of flowers as any bacteria that has built up in the unwashed vase many damage your bunch of flowers.
  • Before placing the flowers in the vase, use a sharp knife to make an angular cut to the bottom of your stems, taking approximately 2 cm off of all stems
  • Ensure that you top up or replace the water in the flower vase regularly

What happens if the recipient of the flowers is not home?

Our online ordering process allows for instructions and contact phone numbers. If the recipient is not home at the time of the delivery and there is a secure, shady position to leave the flowers, the courier will do so. Otherwise the courier will endeavour to contact the recipient for further instructions. On hot days, the courier will contact neighbours to request that they pass the flowers on to the recipient later. If all else fails, the courier will leave a note stating that a delivery had been attempted and that the recipient should contact the shop. A second delivery will incur further costs.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding your flower delivery in Perth, please contact our shop today on 08 9307 8766.